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Fight to Protect Seminar

Fight to Protect! Combat Krav Maga Ireland is organising a Self Defence & Krav Maga ‘Fight to Protect’  Seminar An official Combat Krav Maga Ireland ‘Fight to Protect’ seminar organised and hosted by Response Krav Maga Club and Srdan Kovacevic – Sergio. This is a joint seminar between two professionals > Combat KM Ireland National…

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International Krav Maga Event with Master Sergeant Kfir Itzhaki

International Krav Maga Event with Master Sergeant Kfir Itzhaki ‘Knife & Edged Weapons’ Civilian Seminar followed by Security Personnel & Law Enforcement ‘Use of Reasonable Force’ Seminar ★ An official first visit and international seminars of IDF Master Sergeant Kfir Itzhaki in Ireland ! This is a joint seminar between Response Krav Maga club, UL…

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Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day Response Krav Maga Club wishes Happy Valentines Day to all of our members & followers!   Our club would like to wish all of our friends, families, members, followers and anyone else we engage with on regular basis a Happy Valentines Day, a day of love. It doesn’t matter who your loved one…

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Giving All You Have

Giving All You Have Fight Like You Mean It Seminar   Response KM Club had hosted “Fight Like You Mean It” seminar on the 18th of November at the Response KM HQ. The seminar was conducted by Srdan Kovacevic – Sergio, our Head Instructor and one of the best Krav Maga Instructors in Ireland. We…

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Fight Like You Mean It

Fight Like You Mean It Self Defence Seminar   Response KM club will be hosting “Fight Like You Mean It” self defence and krav maga seminar in Limerick on the 18th of November. This will be a public Krav Maga & Self Defence seminar, instructed by our Head Instructor Srdan Kovacevic – Sergio (CKMI National Director). The main…

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New Training Season

New Self Defence & Krav Maga Training Season! Response Krav Maga Club is opening doors to new members to join our club for this training season New self defence and krav maga training season is upon us, so our club would like to send shout-out to all of our past, current and possibly new members that…

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