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Giving All You Have

Giving All You Have

Fight Like You Mean It Seminar


Response KM Club had hosted “Fight Like You Mean It” seminar on the 18th of November at the Response KM HQ.

The seminar was conducted by Srdan Kovacevic – Sergio, our Head Instructor and one of the best Krav Maga Instructors in Ireland.

We involved different scenarios and real-life approach to training and fighting, where lads were pushed to their limits and bit more. It was an absolute pleasure to train and spend time with the group of such a great people today. We covered so many different points and ideas with a great effort and push from all of the lads.

Well done.

A video of what the lads where doing today –

If you are interested in finding out what we could do for you and how you could learn some valuable points that would save your life, then give us a call and we will show you the way.

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