International Krav Maga Event with Master Sergeant Kfir Itzhaki - Response KM

International Krav Maga Event with Master Sergeant Kfir Itzhaki

International Krav Maga Event with Master Sergeant Kfir Itzhaki

‘Knife & Edged Weapons’ Civilian Seminar followed by Security Personnel & Law Enforcement ‘Use of Reasonable Force’ Seminar

★ An official first visit and international seminars of IDF Master Sergeant Kfir Itzhaki in Ireland !

This is a joint seminar between Response Krav Maga club, UL Krav Maga Club and Instinct – Integrated Israeli Combatives, organised and hosted by Srdan Kovacevic – Sergio and Kfir Itzhaki.

► Kfir is a Former operator & Chief Instructor of Duvdevan- Israel’s Elite counter-terrorism unit; Founder and Chief instructor of Instinct – Integrated Israeli Combatives; Received Medals of Honour and Bravery from Israel’s Police, for taking down Knife terrorist and also for capturing a rapist during an attack on a 17 years old girl.

► We will have guests from neighbours countries, from ALL organisations and styles, to a very comprehensive civilian seminar, followed by a Control & Detain seminar.

* Participation in the Control & Detain seminar is conditioned by Participation in the Civilian seminar.

► Civilian seminar program, 10am-4pm
First Part:
• Combat Psychology.
• Correct Body Language.
• Recognition of Suspicious Signs.
• Self-Defence Techniques Against Common Threat.

Second Part (Main Part):
• Defence against Diverse Knife Attacks and Threats.

► Control & Detain seminar program, 5pm-7:30pm

• Combat Psychology.
• Body Language and recognition of suspicious signs.
• Prevention of weapon’s theft while on body.
• Suspect evaluation and primary investigation.
• Correct search on body and equipment.
• Correct handcuffing: different angles and scenarios.
• Team work – paired partners.
• Correct management of suspect with knife.
• Multiple attackers on one law enforcement personnel.
• Tactical management of hand-to-hand combat alongside
weapons and gear.

* The seminar covers and provides diverse basket of solutions given from the point of view of Police Personnel, as well as Military and Security.

** Topics of seminar will differ depending on which type of personnel will mainly participate in the seminar (Civilian, Military/Police/Security).

★About Kfir Itzhaki
– Former operational member and Chief Krav Maga instructor for IDF’s Elite Undercover Counter-Terrorism unit – Duvdevan.
– Founder and Chief Instructor of Instinct – Integrated Israeli
– L.L.B. (Bachelor Of Laws), The College of Management Academic Studies.
– Qualified NLP coach (Neuro-Linguistic programming), Israeli Center for NLP.
– During his military career in the Israeli Army, carried out many
operations of which most concluded with violent close up contact and life risking situations.
– Former security and Krav Maga instructor at the Israeli Court
Security Academy.
– Received a national Medal of Honour from the Chief of Central
Region of Israel for taking down a knife-wielding terrorist who had stabbed multiple innocent people.
– Received a Medal of Honour from Rishon LeZion’s Chief of Police for preventing the rape of a girl by chasing the rapist and detaining him.
– Has had a lifelong career in a variety of martial arts.
– Second-degree black belt in Karate.
– Former IDF Karate Champion
– Former Israel National Karate Champion

★About Instinct – Integrated Israeli Combatives –
Instinct is an international combat instructions organisation, with branches worldwide.

Theories are nice until they are put to the test. However, each student has the latent instincts to function well under multiple scenarios. Therefore, the most effective way is to improve the natural instincts while training under real conditions of real power, not practicing techniques that only work in the gym. If you train in a way that is inconsistent with your instincts, there is a high probability that this will turn against you in real time.

In short: we know what works and what does not work in real life.

Hard work with correct guidance, built on the foundations of proven techniques and NLP; this form of training has produced significant results for hundreds of civilians, combat operators and security personnel.

Price & Registrations via Email or WhatsApp:

Srdan Kovacevic – Sergio

00353 85 1474921


Response KM Team

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